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Unfixed is a sweeping narrative of a woman’s inner journey into wholeness, despite physical and psychological derailments along her path. Through visceral, immediate prose, imaginary correspondence, and poetry, Kimberly revisits the unnerving circumstances of childhood in the 80’s and 90’s when the New Age movement redefined marriage, health, and sexuality. Finding her own salvation in the self-improvement dogma, she replaces grief, confusion, and uncertainty with magical-thinking and perfectionism long into adulthood until her body breaks and family secrets emerge. When her paternity, health, and very self become tethered to a nervous system unmoored, Kimberly is forced to lean into a steadiness of spirit where the incomprehensible becomes imaginable, and the possibility that frightens her most becomes a doorway into peace.

Presenting life experiences in single layers and then deep, looping complexities, Kimberly weaves her own fluid becoming into a larger ancestral story of past and future, calling in extraordinary lives both intimate and distant. As she reckons with a myriad of unknowns, she learns more than she ever expected to know, ultimately discovering a surprising kind of healing that embraces a wild and untamable life.